Cabinets – Kitchen & Bath – Fayetteville, NC

Looking to replace your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets? Cape Fear Flooring is a full-service cabinet distributor. We offer competitive prices and quality installation. Cabinets can completely change the look of a kitchen or bathroom. They can also be expensive. Installing your cabinets can also require intensive remodeling. We want to provide quick and cost-effective cabinet installation. We also want to do it on a schedule and at a price that works for you. Cape Fear Flooring can help you find the cabinets you want. Even more, we’ll find them at a cost you can afford. Need new cabinets in the Fayetteville area? Then you need to talk to the pros at Cape Fear Flooring.

Low Cabinet Prices

Some people think that you can only find quality cabinets in large home improvement stores or expensive specialty cabinet distributors. That’s not always the case. Cape Fear Flooring is proud to offer low-cost cabinet options. We are pleased to serve the Fayetteville area. We offer lower-priced cabinets than our competitors. This is thanks to our decreased overhead. Cape Fear keeps its costs low so it can pass the savings to you. You deserve a beautiful kitchen. We believe you shouldn’t spend more than you have to. Discover how we can help you find the kitchen you’ve been wanting at a reasonable price. Our team of experts wants to give you great cabinets at a better price.

Expert Cabinet Installation

So, you’ve finally found the cabinets you’re looking for. You’re going to want them installed by experts. That’s why you need to call the cabinet pros at Cape Fear Flooring. The last thing you want is to have an improperly secured cabinet collapse. This could damage your home and your belongings. Not only would you have to pay for new cabinets and installation, you could wind up paying for new glassware and china. Your home and possessions are too important. Don’t settle for subpar service. Find reliable work from dependable local contractors. We believe in affordable work without sacrificing quality.

We can ensure safe and correct placement for your cabinets. Cape Fear Flooring is a licensed North Carolina general contractor. That means you can trust our employees, and the quality of their work. Don’t deal with trying to do it yourself. Have our team of trusted experts take care of it for you. We’ll have your cabinets installed on time and at a reasonable cost. You can count on Cape Fear Flooring to handle all your quality cabinet needs. Get in touch with our friendly staff for details.

Flooring and Cabinet Coordination:

We are also a Fayetteville, NC flooring store. We can help you coordinate your kitchen flooring with your cabinet selection. Cape Fear Flooring wants your kitchen to have cohesive look you’re proud of. Experience a brand new kitchen with fresh cabinets and floors. Our experts can seamlessly schedule the installation of both of your selections. No more long waits in between remodeling projects. We’ll have everything done quickly and efficiently. Call now to see how we can help you construct your kitchen. Ask for a quote or visit our store for more info.

Find out about our incredible prices on cabinets and high-quality service and installations. Don’t wait to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. Visit our store to see what we can offer you!