Kitchen Remodeling Contractor – Fayetteville, NC

Kitchen remodeling has become more popular recently. More people decide to stay and improve their existing homes. This is as opposed to making a big move, for economic reasons. Lifestyles have also changed. A kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare food. It’s a place to gather and entertain. It’s also a chance to show off your style. Kitchen remodeling is among the most significant home upgrades. It’s important when wanting to increase your property value. This project can add impressive value to more than just your day to day life. It can also boost your wallet if you ever decide to sell.

Cape Fear Flooring is a North Carolina licensed general contractor. We can help you transform your kitchen ideas into a beautiful, realized design to fit your space and budget. Our process is hassle-free. Our team of designers and installers are second to none in the Fayetteville, NC area. Want an upgrade to suit your changing style? Need fast, reliable kitchen remodeling after water, mold, or fire damage has impacted your home? Look no further. Cape Fear Flooring is the team to trust! Find out more about how we can help you and your home today.

Cape Fear Flooring can help you transform your dated or damaged kitchen into a gourmet kitchen to brag about with our services.

Kitchen Design Assistance

Kitchen remodeling costs can quickly add up. This is especially if you have little experience with remodeling projects. It’s important to include a kitchen design expert into your project strategy. Our professional, highly experienced team can show you your options. They’ll go over everything from countertops to flooring. Our team will get down to the details like cabinet hardware and sink faucets. We’ll make sure you feel informed in your decision. You will get the exact design you’re after, without breaking your budget. Cape Fear will set your kitchen project up for success. Our goal is to make sure that you enjoy your new kitchen for years to come!

Kitchen Cabinets

At Cape Fear Flooring, we have years of experience helping homeowners find their perfect kitchen cabinets. We are qualified kitchen cabinet distributors. Our prices consistently beat quotes from other cabinet companies. We’re confident in our affordable cabinets. When it comes to similar makes and models, we’re the best in the Fayetteville area. We carry a variety of cabinet options. We’ll take the time to help you determine which style and design will best meet your needs. Cape Fear wants to make sure its cabinets fit your remodeling budget. We’re here to show you a range of options. That way you can get the exact style you want.

Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is our specialty. That’s why it’s in our name! Looking for kitchen tile, hardwood floors, laminate flooring, or vinyl flooring? We have flooring experts who can assist you. Our team will help you find the right kitchen flooring for your budget, lifestyle, and goals. We help you consider everything many homeowners don’t think of. This can include choosing flooring that’s kid and pet-friendly, if it’s easy to maintain, and other considerations. We want to make sure you get the flooring that’s right for your day-to-day needs and will go the distance. Cape Fear Flooring will cover all your style and durability preferences. When it’s over, you end up with a result you’re pleased with for the long haul.

Kitchen Backsplashes

A tile backsplash gives you a high-end look. It can immediately transform an ordinary kitchen space into a gourmet space. We have plenty of tile backsplash ideas for kitchens. This is in addition to professional installation teams. Our employees take great care in creating a tile backsplash that is also a work of art. Our design team will help you select the tile size, color, texture, and arrangement. The result is a backsplash that matches your style. We want to turn your kitchen into a space you can’t wait to show off! Consult our professionals today!

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