10 Dream Kitchen Must Haves

Walk in pantry

As a mom of three, I can personally vouch for the NECESSITY of a pantry. Be still my heart – a WALK IN PANTRY? All nice and neatly organized from top to bottom with room to hold NOT ONLY my dry goods BUT also my mixer, toaster, coffee pot AND griddle? In a perfect world every home would come with a walk in pantry. Not only does a walk in pantry help keep organized, AND keep your counters clear of mess but it also increases the functionality of your home- freeing up counter and cabinet space!


Command Center

The only thing worse than clutter is disorganization, IMO. A command center is the perfect way to keep track of meals, bills, chores and appointments. We have implemented a command center in my home, and it GREATLY helps reduce the headache that is associated with chores (DISCLAIMER: It does NOT help reduce the whining). It’s also a great tool for my husband when coordinating kid pickup (I have my early and late days’ color coded for him). Ours is set up similar to the one pictured, but you can edit yours to suit your family’s needs!

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Built-In Wine Fridge
If you’re like me, there really is no such thing as ‘Too Much Wine’, but keeping it stored is such a hassle! It’s on the counter and then the kids mess with it, and I’m constantly forgetting to put a bottle in the fridge in time for company (ie; myself…) and then when I have REAL company there isn’t room for all of it and it takes so long to cool… *WOOSAAA* Well, Problem Solved! Invest in a Built-In Wine Fridge! These little babies go right under the counter and can hold anywhere from 10-50 bottles of wine! No more wine bottles in the freezer at the last minute to try and get them chilled (and consequently no more cleaning the freezer several hours later because you forgot about your wine…)


Double Ovens
How often when you are cooking dinner do you have TWO things to cook that need to be set at different temperatures? This happens to me constantly. The biscuits need to be at 350 but the casserole needs to be at 400… A double oven solves not only this problem, but also the SPACE problem when cooking large quantiles (aka thanksgiving). Plus they make you look like a #legitchef. This one is super fancy with the top doors opening out!


An Island
No, I’m not talking about sandy beaches and palm trees (that’s for ANOTHER list), I’m talking about a KITCHEN island. This is something I have had in previous homes and I miss it SO MUCH (the wheeled one we bought just isn’t the same). Plus now they aren’t just a cabinet in the middle of your kitchen anymore – oh no my friends! Now they come with awesome built in storage, hidden outlets, sinks, fridges, wood block tops, bar areas for seating, stoves and SO much more!! AND they are one of the MOST sought features when buying a new home.


Coffee Bar
Who doesn’t like a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning? I know I cant function without that hot cup of motivation in the morning #coffeeislife . What could be nicer than a designated coffee bar area? Keep your coffee pot, sugar, cups etc all organized in one spot for easy access. Plus, you can add your own pop of personality and make it super cute.

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Deep Drawers
Your pots and pans. Your baking dishes. All those large bulky items that you HAVE to put in a cabinet because they wont FIT in the drawers, but they really don’t FIT in the cabinets either! Well check out this amazingness… Deep Kitchen Drawers! These are specifically made to store your large stuff – pots, pans and smaller appliances.

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A Hanging Pot Rack
Ok so if you have the deep drawers mentioned above you don’t really need this one, but it’s still super handy to have! I have one of these in my kitchen and it is SO nice not having to bend down and dig through your pile of pots and pans trying to find the right size, and THEN trying to find the right size lid! Pot racks keep everything on display so its super easy to find what you are looking for. Plus, they look really cool AND they come in a lot of different styles so you can find which one suits your needs and décor the best.


Custom Backsplash
There is no better way to bring your own creative personality and style to a kitchen than with a custom backsplash. Backsplashes are customizable in thousands of different ways, from materials used to colors to even your grout color! Not only do they add a pop of color and personality to a space, they are functional as well! The easy clean materials wipe free of oil and grease, preventing damage to your walls!

One of my favorite things to do at work is go downstairs to the showroom and browse all the different tile options. We have mermaid tile and octagon tile. Marble and Travertine (think the coliseum). We have 87374 different colors, patterns and styles. They’re so pretty – it’s like having my own personal pinterest!

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Divided Drawers
Ok call me a broken record, but there is nothing worse than a mess in your kitchen. And that goes for your kitchen drawers, too! Divided drawers are awesome because they have a place for EVERYTHING! You can still decide what goes where but now you can have all your measuring cups in one spot, all your serving utensils in another, and your pot holders in a 3rd! These little babies really help optimize drawer space and save time and hassle! (this is also something we carry as a store, so if you are in the market give me a call!)