2018 Decor Trends

Looking to redecorate, remodel and redesign in 2018? We have compiled this list of the hot new 2018 decor trends for the year for you all in one place… enjoy!

1. High contrast pallets – Light, neutral colors will always be a timeless classic because of their ease to pair. However, in 2018 BOLD and “moodier” color tones are coming on the scene. The darker color tones add richness and warmth to the room. You can create a high contrast palette by pairing light with dark. This results in an elegant combination and doesn’t “darken” the room like an all dark palette would do, but catches the eye and adds depth.

2. Two tone Kitchens – Two-toned kitchen cabinets is one of the 2018 decor trends that have been growing in popularity, but the trend has evolved by incorporating bleached wood with a vibrant paint color as shown in this modern farmhouse kitchen by Blakes London. Do you love sea foam green but aren’t sure how it would look over the ENTIRE kitchen? Two toned kitchens may be just the thing for you!
3. Natural Elements – 2017 was dominated with the tech-obsessed décor. In 2018 the trend is moving towards more fresh, natural materials such as stone, copper, plants, concrete and granite. These elements help bring a serene peaceful ambiance to your space, and embracing the world around you. We can all relax, succulents are still in and your air garden is safe for another year!

4. Subway Tiles – Subway tiles have always been a safe material to use for renovations as well as new construction. Say goodbye to the same old boring subway tiles you may be familiar with… recently, there has been a trend towards using larger format tile and even slab sized porcelain sheets- and ALL sorts of colors! As a bonus – larger tile has less grout and is both easier to install and clean! This is one of our favorite 2018 decor trends! 

5. Bold Bathroom Walls- Look for a dramatic accent wall to get even bigger in 2018 as homeowners look for unique accents to incorporate into a bathroom remodel or design project. We’re not talking just painting one wall a bright color though… oh no, it has gone beyond that. Bold patterned wallpaper is making a big comeback, but may not be a good fit depending on the humidity levels in your bathroom. Shaped tiles can make just the perfect accent piece as well. Plus, you can put them just about anywhere in a bathroom… 

6. Maximalism – This new trend operates on the principle that MORE is better! More texture, color, pattern, embellishment, rich layers, comfort and eclectic style… Embrace your personality and display it for the world to see. Buy the huge statement piece and the zebra print couch! Throw pillows galore! Accent lights, a bright rug… the more the merrier! This trend has a strong emphasis on travel and the exotic. That statue you bought in Mexico? This may be just the time to bust it out!

7. Terrazzo – Groovy baby! This 1970’s esque material is taking over as one of this years 2018 decor trends! If you haven’t seen it yet you may have been living under a rock… The multi-colored speckled composite material has dimension, its fun… it brings a very cool, modern look to any room. You can expect to see this everywhere from furniture to décor this year

8. Statement Ceilings – AKA the “5th wall”. This year we’ve gone beyond statement walls and have turned our eyes to the ceiling. All that extra space – why not showcase it? Printed wallpaper, tile mosaics, exposed beams, vibrant hues and more made all make for the perfect statement ceiling…
9. Modern Farmhouse – Rustic country styling is going urban. The farmhouse style has been gaining popularity over the last couple years. Now, however, they are choosing only a few elements to incorporate. Warm wood details, vintage lighting, trough sinks, shaker cabinets… pick a couple and mix and match for the REFINED farmhouse style of 2018. Don’t think this trend is just for the kitchen! The dining area, living rooms and bathrooms are all great spaces to incorporate the ‘Modern Farmhouse’ design!
10. Color in the kitchen – White will always be a classic. But in 2018 all white kitchens are giving way to cabinetry that is heavier, ombre (yes, ombre…) and more colorful. Look for less all white back splashes and counter tops and bolder colors in the kitchen. Updating your cabinets or adding a colorful backslash is a great way to incorporate this hot trend.

11. Open Shelving – This is an option we saw in 2017, and is here to stay in 2018! People seem to love that they can customize the height and length to fit items on the shelves that normally wouldn’t fit into the cabinets. With thousands of options of textures, brackets (corbels, anyone?) and colors, the shelving itself is a design element. Open shelves display collections with ease, keep items handy and force us to stay organized because guests can see our belongings! Open shelving is an inspired look highlighting both function and style.

(did anyone else notice how this incorporates the natural, open shelving and farmhouse looks all in one?)

12. Stone – a more natural stone look is taking over in 2018. It’s not all white Carrara marble anymore! Grays and greens are very big so far this year. The trend extends to all sorts of stone types; marble, onyx, agate, alabaster… these beautiful materials add texture and depth to any design for a timeless look that’s also modern and fresh.

 13. Patterned floors- In 2018 Think about introducing patterned flooring into your room design. Distinctive natural stone and wood characteristics, or creatively arranged tiles and planks could really make your room stand out. Patterned flooring is a unique and stylish way to catch the eye and add interest to a room. And you can achieve a unique look with a variety of flooring types and styles.

 14. Unique countertops- The countertop is an essential part of a kitchen design. Its where all the action takes place! It matters a lot what material, finish and design you choose. Quartz is here to stay, but gaining popularity are countertops with “Character”…it’s all about the texture and pattern in 2018!

15. Textures- They aren’t just for countertops in 2018! Rattan, hardwood, bamboo… The focus of this hot new trend is moving to our “natural surroundings” (see #3…) and organic materials. Furniture has a natural handmade feel with materials such a rattan and wicker. Textiles take a playful role with lots of embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details – all irresistible to the touch. Whatever the color palette, mixing textures can instantly create another layer of decoration and interest.

16. Geometric/ circle tiles – Similar to floral patterns and brass decor, incorporating geometric patterns is no new trend. Yet for the new year geometric patterns are expected to become a dramatic presence. Colors will be bolder with oversized patterns. This is a trend that will help make a bold statement in any room. Perhaps one of the most common ways to include the geometric look in your home is in your tile choices.

17. Kitchen Organization – Homeowners are opting for a clutter free look in 2018. Hidden nooks and crannies to keep all the ‘brick a brack’ out of sight and make the most of your space are taking over. A clean counter is a happy counter! And why not? Who wouldn’t love a hidden spice rack and more room to work and entertain? As usual, the Island is still the most sought after kitchen feature, giving both more storage options, and more counter space to work with.

18. Bold Patterns & prints – Floral, animal and anything in between. Bold colorful prints are taking over in 2018! From couches to art these bright patterns draw the eye and really help bring that personal touch to any space. We’re not talking your grandmas couch with the paisley design. The prints of 2018 are more classic and elegant with warmer tones and a more modern feel. Do you love flowers AND cheetah print? Go crazy – 2018 is your year!

Well, if there is one thing we can take away it is this: 2018 is all about the natural elements in the home. Stone walls, textured furniture and bold bright nature prints will all be your decorating friends for the next year. Feel free to mix and match – as you can see from the pictures and items above several of the trends overlap and mix very well together. A stone wall pairs nicely in your farmhouse kitchen with an island and accent ceiling! Whatever you do decide in 2018 – above all have FUN! Your home design should be a reflection of you as a person. Need help? Our design experts would love to start making your dream a reality!