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Custom rugs & runners for your every need

Custom area rugs & runners not only cater to your requirement for an added layer to your existing flooring, but they can be beneficial in ways that meet many various needs. If you’ve never considered these pieces before, there’s no better time than now to find out what they can do for you. We can help you find the pieces that help the most.

Custom rugs can make all the difference

Custom area rugs are those you create yourself, whether from the ground up or whether you choose a carpet remnant and pick the perfect binding. Unlike ready-made rugs in specific sizes, you can cater to any room's needs by selecting the fiber, shape, size, binding, or perfect solution in every room. And since these rugs do so much, they can be useful in almost every room.

In some rooms, they will cater to specific décor-matching needs, offering color and designs that can even work to create ambiance and the appearance of a particular size, if that's what you need. In other rooms, they offer protection, catching dirt and debris or preventing the denting or crushing of the flooring underneath heavy furniture pieces. Sometimes, they offer a safer surface for small children, toddlers, and the elderly, who might need protection from falls.
Rug binding is an essential part of the process, and there are three main types you can choose from. A simple binding uses a binding tape to wrap the edges of the carpet piece, usually most geared to halting the carpet fibers' possibility of raveling. Serging is a higher-end option, creating a hand-sewn look for those special areas, and fringing adds even more decorative appeal.

Let us provide your custom runners and area rugs

If you’re looking for custom rugs and runners in Fayetteville, NC, Cape Fear Flooring and Restoration is your go-to flooring shop for the task. Our associates are experienced and helpful in matching your specific requirements and dedicated to your overall satisfaction. Bring us any flooring project, and we'll make sure you have the materials to finalize it perfectly.

We are proud to serve the areas of Fayetteville, NC, Fort Bragg, NC, Lumberton, NC, Eastover, NC, and Hope Mills, NC, all from our showroom in Fayetteville. You’re invited to visit us there when you’re ready for the perfect solutions to your remodeling needs. We’ll make sure you get the custom rugs you want and need, so be sure to visit when you’re in the area.