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Hardwood flooring gives your home a natural feeling. A good hardwood floor brings the beauty of nature inside. Wood floors have the ability to frame your furnishings, make an area rug “pop”, or finish any room. Solid hardwood flooring is a fantastic traditional choice that is available in two basic types. You can use either strip flooring or wider width planking. Dependable and long-lasting, hardwood floors are available in a range of prices to fit your budget.

Engineered wood is built with two or more layers of wood. The bottom layer can be made of a hard wood composite. This creates more stability in the product. The top layer is a veneer and can feature many wood types including:

Oak Hardwood

Oak is one of the most popular styles of hardwood flooring. Oak is one of the hardest woods available. This durability has made it a strong option for flooring for families. This helps it withstand impacts, dents, and scratches that would damage other, softer woods. Oak is widely available across the USA. This makes it also one of the most affordable hardwood flooring options. The wood also accepts stains well, making it easier to customize. With its rich color and classic feel, oak makes for a perfect complement to any home design.

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Birch Hardwood

Another popular hardwood flooring option is birch. Birch is another relatively affordable wood thanks to its availability. This also adds to its sustainability. The tree is so plentiful it can be harvested in an eco-friendly manner. It can also be re-grown faster than many other hardwoods. Birch also boasts a bright, beautiful color that can brighten any room.

Maple Hardwood

Maple is valued for is gorgeous color, as well as its hardness. The plentiful supply makes it a cost-effective hardwood flooring option for many homeowners. It’s a stunning and stable wood. Maple can make your home stand out from the traditional oak floors without breaking the bank.

Ash Hardwood

Ash is revered for its intricate wood grain that makes your floor look smooth and consistent. It’s a hard and durable wood, with a lighter color. Ash can absorb and hold stains well if you want to refinish your floor for a darker color. It’s durability and shock absorption also contribute to its popularity as a hardwood flooring choice.

Cherry Hardwood

It’s known for its intricate grain and the black pitch pockets on that wood that give it extra character. Cherry tends to darken and turn more red over time. This soft wood casts a glow to any room. Just remember that it’s sensitive to light when you choose where to install it.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo has rapidly become a popular option for wood floors. Bamboo offers real wood, at a very affordable price. It’s also one of the most environmentally sustainable woods available. Unlike other trees, bamboo is technically a grass. It takes only five years for a bamboo plant to reach maturity. This allows bamboo forests to regrow much faster than other trees.

Wood flooring installation options include glue-down, nailed, or stapled floors. Our professional hardwood installation teams are trained to install various types of hardwoods over multiple surfaces. Trust our teams to leave your floors looking clean and amazing!