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Remodeling your bathroom? Looking for a kitchen tile backsplash to add style? Ceramic tile is a popular choice for kitchen, bathroom, and sunroom floors. Ceramic tile looks delicate, but it is extremely scratch resistant. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean - Some light wiping, or damp-mopping, will do the job.

Decorative tile offers a wide selection of styles, borders, and accessories. You can do anything you can dream of for your home or office. Customize your bathroom with Mosaic decorative tile for your tub surrounding or shower. Pair it with tile floors. Or make your kitchen unique with a new Mosaic backsplash. There are plenty of reasons you should think of ceramic tile for your next project. Here are just a few of the qualities that make tile right for you.

A Tough & Attractive Tile

Tile flooring is a versatile solution for your flooring needs. Ceramic tile is tough. It can hold up against scratches, stains, and more. Ceramics are very hard, making them difficult to crack. This results in a floor that will look good, and last for years.

Sturdy Style that Fits Your Budget

Ceramic tile isn’t just durable and attractive. It’s also affordable. You won’t find a tougher, better looking surface for the money. It boasts a long life, and an attractive price point. Ceramic tile is one of the most cost-efficient, quality options available. This makes it a popular choice for homeowners everywhere. Talk to the tile experts at Cape Fear flooring to get a quote today.

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Keeping Your Home Clean

Ceramic tile isn’t just easy to wipe down. It stays germ free, too. Ceramic tile is inorganic. So it doesn’t have any food for bacteria. That means there’s no place for germs to live. This makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. The surface doesn’t trap irritants. It’s a perfect solution for families suffering from asthma or allergies. With a good sealant for your tile you can keep your home free of germs, and looking great.

Style that’s Sustainable

Ceramic tile is also an eco-friendly material. It’s made from natural, sustainable clay. As a result, ceramic is one of the most eco-friendly materials available. If you choose a post-industrial ceramic tile you can help the planet without sacrificing style. With ceramics you can take pride in a home that makes you feel as good as it looks.

Know Your Rating

Ceramic tile is rated based on hardness. This is on a scale of zero to five. Zero through two are lighter tiles, ideal for walls. Ceramic tiles that are rated a three are good for use in the home. Four and five are heavy duty tiles perfect for commercial use. Talk to a flooring expert to learn more about the right tile for your home.

Ceramic tile is an obvious choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home, or doing some remodeling and renovations. Its reliable durability and affordable price make it the perfect selection for your house. Discover why ceramic tile is right for you today. Call the pros at Cape Fear Flooring. We’ll bring a variety of tile samples to help you find the surface that’s right for you.

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