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Window replacement


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Window replacement from your local flooring experts

When you need window replacement in Fayetteville, NC Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration in Fayetteville, North Carolina is dedicated to meeting all of your home improvement needs with friendly, expert service. Our team of window replacement experts offers unmatched attention to detail because we care about your home just as much as you do.

Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration has expert designers and installation experts at your service for all of your home remodeling projects. That includes window replacement, in addition to our many other services such as kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. We want to be your go-to North Carolina general contractors and are ready to complete any home improvement project you have in mind. Would you like to replace your windows to have a more attractive and energy efficient home? Contact Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration today at (910) 426-4956. See the full spectrum of our window replacement services below.

Window installation

It’s amazing what new windows can do for your home! In fact, there are many benefits to investing in window replacement. Installing new windows does much more than brighten your rooms by allowing natural light to shine in freely. The windows you select also have a major impact on the style of your home. As an added bonus, installing new windows is an excellent way to increase your home’s value, especially if your home has older windows that aren't properly insulated and caulked.
Window Installation from Cape Fear Flooring and Restoration in Fayetteville, NC

Energy efficient windows

Purchasing new, energy-efficient windows and having them installed by the experts at Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration can have a drastic effect on your energy bill. You may even see your utility bill go down since it will help to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. If energy-efficiency is an important factor in your window purchase, our experts can help you understand what to look for in an energy-efficient window and energy performance ratings.
Replace your old windows with Cape Fear Flooring and Restoration in Fayetteville, NC
Fill your home with light with new windows from Cape Fear Flooring and Restoration in Fayetteville, NC

A variety of window styles

We know that buying replacement windows is a big investment and deciding which ones to purchase can easily become overwhelming. Our expert window specialists walk you through all of your options. Examples include single-hung windows, double-hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, and then there are specialty window options like decorative windows or skylights. Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration can help you consider all of your options and choose what's best for both your home and your budget.

Replacing your windows

Accidents are bound to happen where there are thunderstorms, tree limbs, or games of catch. Sometimes that pane of broken glass can be a sign that you actually need to have your windows replaced. With full-service window replacement, you can improve the look and feel of your home while making an investment that will benefit your house for years to come. At Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration, we can take a look and tell you what it will take to replace the windows in your home. Learn more about how your home can benefit from the window replacement services at Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration.