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Consultations with your local flooring experts

Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration makes it easy to get an idea of what different flooring options would look like in your home without ever installing them. Our in-home flooring consultation option gives you a chance to talk to one of our flooring experts in the very same home that you're planning on improving with a new floor. This opens up the options to get serious insights from a professional. Our in-home consultations are free and the perfect option for anyone trying to fit installing a new floor into their busy lives. We'll help you easily visualize the next great floor for your home.

Explore different types of flooring

A key part of the in-home flooring consultation is sitting down with an expert to explore several different options you can use to achieve your desired look. We know that it can be tough to visualize what any one material will look like with just a picture. By providing actual hands-on samples, it's much easier for you to visualize how a certain kind of flooring option will look once you integrate it into your home. This can show you exactly what a flooring option will look like before you ever install it in your house, saving you time and money that you might otherwise spend actually installing and comparing different materials.

Work with an expert who cares to find the ideal flooring

Our experts are trained to help you where you need it. That's why they're the perfect pick for an in-home consultation. You'll be spending time with a person who knows exactly how flooring works, meaning that if you have any questions, you won't be stuck waiting on answers. The Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration team makes sure that you achieve the best look possible for your home. If you are having trouble figuring out what kind of flooring would look best in your home, our team can even help identify flooring that would accentuate your existing home decor.
In-Home Consultation in Fayetteville, NC area from Cape Fear Flooring and Restoration

Find your favorite new option

With a fielded expert helping you look through different options for your next flooring choice, it won't take much effort to find the perfect one. Our experts will help you learn which flooring will best complement your living space, and they'll also take the time to explain the individual advantages of each option. That means that at the end of the day, you'll be able to have flooring you love seeing every single day. Once you've picked out your new flooring, our expert will then help you figure out when you want to schedule the installation. They'll work closely with you to develop a plan that works on your schedule to have your new flooring put in when it's convenient for you.

Get started today

Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration cares about bringing you a floor you're happy living with for years to come. Don't waste another second on flooring that doesn't deliver. With a number of diverse, quality options, you'll have the perfect flooring for any room and any design idea you have in mind. That means more ways for you to have the house you've always wanted. Plus, it means an increased likelihood in getting an option that meets all your needs. Whether you want a traditional hardwood look in your living room, an elegant tile setup in your bathroom, or beautiful laminate in your bedroom, we make it easy to view it before you buy it. To get your FREE in-home consultation, call us at (910) 426-4956 to schedule your FREE in-home flooring consultation today!